French Classes

Weekly French Classes - £12 per person

We have a weekly French class for our Intermediate level students. This class is designed to focus on real life situations, whether it be for business or leisure.

12.15-1.15pm:  Intermediate Level

Class size: Min. 3 people - Max. 8 people - Age: 18+

Payment: Full payment in advance for all classes, no drop-ins. Cancellations will require 48 hours.

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Level Description

Beginner: this level is for people with very basic knowledge of the language who might be able to form a short sentence, order food, introduce themselves but have very little vocabulary and no proper understanding of the grammar. Only the present tense will be seen in this level.

Pre-intermediate: this level is for people who understand the basics and can communicate or “get by” in everyday situation, with basic knowledge of the grammar. You will be introduced to various past and future tenses in this level.

Intermediate: this level is for people who can understand most everyday situations and are able to interact on various subjects. You should already be familiar with past, present and future tenses and you will be introduced to more complex ones.

Upper-intermediate: this level is for people with good knowledge of the language who can interact with native speakers on a wide range of subjects without difficulties. You understand the grammar and you could work in the country using the language.

Advanced: this level is for people already fluent in the language who can use more technical/specific vocabulary and are at ease with the language in all situations, whether it be on a social or professional level.

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