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The Language Guru is a friendly, independent, modern language school supporting you with French and Spanish language courses, 1-2-1 tuition in person or via Skype.

  • Are you going on holiday and want to brush up on languages you learned at school?
  • Would you like to open your horizons by learning a new language skill?
  • Do you visit France, Spain or Spanish-speaking countries for business and need to talk their language?
  • Are you relocating or buying a holiday home abroad, and want to be able to understand the locals?
  • Do you need extra tuition to help with GCSE or A Level exams?

You’re going to need basic, intermediate or advanced language skills from The Language Guru, where we specialise in:

  • Learning from qualified tutors, all from France or Spain
  • Convenient courses and tuition, in person or via Skype, whichever works best for you
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Value for money
  • Getting real results


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What our students say

You only learn things when they are fun and if they are interesting. Learning French with The Language Guru is both of those things and, as a result, I am now at my ease in conversation with my French neighbours. I strongly recommend them both for their excellent teaching skills and because you can laugh while you learn!
Peter, Private/SkypeLewes
My lessons really helped my French on so many levels. Fun lessons which are set at my level tailored to help me improve while enjoying a good conversation. I never particularly enjoyed grammar at school and they made it relevant and comprehensible with a light touch!
Muir - PrivateBrighton
These are just the best French lessons I’ve had. Each session is planned as a stand alone lesson, factoring in what each person needs and we learn in an interesting way about France and French culture along the way. The lessons are so interesting and Carole is a great tutor- happily picking up queries and questions, she and her team are great at explaining things clearly. There are also lots of fun things to join in with too if you choose to- pub quiz (all in French), a book club, film events, swearing classes….You pay each month for the classes and events you can attend, so the commitment is reasonable and flexible. Carole puts in a lot so her students can get a lot out of learning French. Its learning French with bells on!
Avis - ClassesHove
I have been attending French classes for almost a year. Initially it was to brush up on my schoolgirl French, but mostly to impress my New Zealand friend on our visit to Paris! Their classes are so enjoyable that I have continued. The teaching is well planned, informative and fun. The teacher is warm, friendly and makes everyone feel at ease.
Patricia - ClassesHove