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Our English tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers.

English for business or pleasure

English is spoken the world over. English is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and it is widely spoken in some areas of the Caribbean, Africa and South Asia - so the ability to speak the language is not only a valuable business skill, it’s great for your personal development and for holiday use as well. Our bespoke English language courses and tuition will give you the skills you need. And our tuition focuses on giving you practical language skills within weeks.

Although it’s a difficult language to master, our immersive language classes or one-to-one tuition mean you’ll be quickly communicating with confidence, no matter at what level you are. If you learn by Skype, you can learn at a time which suits your busy lifestyle whether it’s at the office or at home.

The Language Guru also offers accent reduction classes for those who are in the UK who feel they want to speak with a more standard British accent. This can be for non-native English speakers and those who have regional British accents who feel held back in their personal or professional lives from communicating confidently.

Our tutors are native speakers, so you’ll learn really useful vocabulary to get you through all the usual, useful scenarios.

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English distance learning

Language learning on Skype means bespoke tuition at your convenience. You can enjoy a new learning experience, wherever you are, whatever you do. Whether it’s for business, because you’re going to visit other countries, or just for fun, learning with The Language Guru is fun. We’re friendly, we work at your level, and our native tutors will help you achieve a credible accent, no matter which language you’re learning.

Tuition via Skype means you can go online whenever it suits you best, at home or at the office. You can learn language skills at your own pace with your own tutor, and we ensure privacy and confidentiality. Want to stay in your PJs? We don’t care! First thing in the morning or last thing at night your optimum time to learn? We’ll be there.

Distance learning is ideal for those always on the move, abroad, or simply wanting to be in the comfort of their own home.

For more information on our distance learning tuition via Skype, just get in touch.

English for business

The Language Guru is already a supplier of language learning to some large corporate businesses.

The world is growing smaller all the time. Businesses no longer operate with geographic limits and the internet has made every industry a global one. We will probably all, at some point, encounter language and cultural barriers that can make things challenging, especially with a growing reliance on technological communication.

Technology has limitations, especially when it comes to languages. Google Translate, for example, may fall down when it comes to colloquialisms and everyday ‘speak’. The Language Guru tutors are all native speakers and help not only with credible accents, but useful phrases for everyday life as well as in business.

Learning in a class setting will encourage your teams to network with people in other departments, for example, or get to know their colleagues in a very different way from usual. They will share experiences, support and encourage each other, bringing people together.

As well as helping with personal development and growth, educating and exploring new skills, these are useful languages which will enable your teams to negotiate better for you, speak to clients or contacts in their own mother tongue, showing respect and determination, and bring more clarity to projects and business events.

See our corporate page for more information on our corporate courses and tuition.