Language learning for business

  • Do you deal with companies or businesses abroad?
  • Would it help your staff to be able to speak the language of those with whom they’re dealing or negotiating?
  • Are you employing staff for whom English is a second language, where they have some difficulty understanding and communicating?

At The Language Guru, we provide language training for all types of businesses across all industries. Make life easier and ultimately help your business.

Languages available are French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

We provide general language training to suit your company and employees needs.

Group Training

  • General Language training
  • Group of maximum 12 people
  • Course duration and number of weekly hours agreed in advance
  • Level test before start - same language level groups
  • FREE Certificate of course completion (80% attendance minimum)

Our General Language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels which ranges from A1 to C2.

We also provide bespoke business and individual language training.

Business training

Our business training courses can be specific, but not limited, to formal business language, meeting, written communication and presentations.

  • Group of maximum 6 people
  • Early bird, lunch time, afternoon or evening classes to fit around the work schedule
  • Course duration (in weeks) and number of weekly hours agreed in advance
  • 90 minutes lessons per week minimum
  • Tailored course

One-to-one training

  • Personalised tuition
  • Flexible time and days
  • 90 minutes lessons per week minimum
  • Set number of weeks agreed in advance
  • Tailored tuition to focus on individual requirements

For more information on our business courses, please call us on 01273 222900 or email us.