Stuck for a useful gift for the person who has everything? The Language Guru has the answer

There are several types of people for whom choosing a Christmas present can be challenging:

  • The friend who seems to have everything
  • The colleague who thinks they know it all
  • The boss who needs to stop working and get a life
  • The friend who should get out more and meet new people
  • The next-door neighbour who’s going abroad for their first holiday abroad
  • The family members who are buying a second home in another country and need to negotiate in the native language to get a better deal
  • And we’re sure you can think of many more

How about giving them the gift of language this festive season?

A gift voucher from The Language Guru can be purchased from as little as £10 and works across our language services.

Just imagine the thanks you’ll get from those friends, colleagues, family members and neighbours! You’ll be a superstar in their eyes!

Did you know …

The first gift card using a payments infrastructure was introduced by Neiman Marcus in late 1994 though Blockbuster Entertainment was the first company to do so on a wide scale, test-marketing them in 1995 and launching them around the USA the next year. In the beginning, the Blockbuster gift card replaced gift certificates that were being counterfeited with recently introduced colour copiers and colour printers.

Although gift vouchers might appear to be an easy option to buy for someone, at The Language Guru they’re actually allowing the recipient to make their own choice of language as well as when, where and how they learn. Language learning at its best!

Email us at to buy a gift voucher from us now.

And Season’s Greetings to one and all from everyone at The Language Guru.


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