Why only 12% of New Year’s resolutions are kept

Seemingly 88% of the things we promise ourselves we’ll achieve each New Year fall by the wayside within a few weeks*. And this is because:

  • We don’t enjoy them
  • We don’t monitor our progress
  • We don’t really know why we’re doing it
  • We feel despondent when we can’t see immediate results
  • We don’t believe in ourselves
  • We don’t have support to achieve

Our January courses are full of people who want to learn a new skill – a new language. This could be for a planned holiday, a move abroad, work, fun, or just to challenge themselves and keep their brains active.

Each of those reasons is the ‘why’ and The Language Guru certainly gives you plenty of support, through our native-speaking tutors as well as your course colleagues. You’ll be learning at the right pace for you, meeting new like-minded people, and having fun every week.

You’ll be monitoring your progress in the group and so will our tutors, answering all your queries and giving you an insight into the country and culture of your chosen language. You will see results over the ten weeks of the course and you’ll get a certificate to prove you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

There are various level courses so you can choose at which level you feel most comfortable. You can progress through the levels, as most of our students enjoy doing.

And the end result? You’ll be able to converse when going abroad, order food, ask the way, book theatre tickets, change a hotel room, through to advanced language skills. You’ll be potentially more employable if you speak a second language or be more confident negotiating and understanding work colleagues from overseas.

The opportunities are endless. To find out more, click here.

Happy New Year language learning!


*Source: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/10-reasons-why-new-years-resolutions-fail.html

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